Alexandra Villa

Owner, In-House PR

In House PR, a boutique public relations company lead by former in-house publicist Alexandra Villa, was founded in 1998. In House PR fuses branding, marketing and media relations from within a corporate environment, providing clients with the same specialized hands-on focus of a dedicated in-house agency.

With over a decade of experience, In House PR has established solid, longstanding relationships with A-level media outlets such as Sports Illustrated20/20Nightline, The Hollywood ReporterVanity FairThe Today ShowGMAPeople, Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times. Of note is our consistency in picking clients that are tapped into the latest public obsessions: UFC; Indie hit Slumdog Millionaire, Promises Malibu; Kelleher International, American Idol judge Simon Cowell, and literary darlings Tom Sykes and Galt Niderhoffer amongst them.

In 2008, In House PR was proud to add actor Anil Kapoor, Prem in the critically acclaimed Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. In 2012, In House PR's longtime client/producer Tabrez Noorani- had three critically acclaimed films at the same time: Ang Lee's Life of Pi; Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This year Tabrez will make his directorial debut with the NGO endorsed film Love Sonia which he is co-producing with his Life of Pi Academy Award nominated producer and colleague David Womark.


Media Relations

Online Reputation Management

Digital Crisis Management

Media Relations

With over two decades of established relationships with top-tier media outlets, IHPR has garnered well- earned respect with top industry insiders and landed some of the most coveted 'gets' in PR.



With the advent of the digital age, news- good or bad- is literally breaking 24/7.  A double-edged sword for many of our exclusive A-list clients. As a result IHPR created and assembled a talented team of cyber security experts able to counter, defend and remove digital information that is not supportive to our client's or their respective brands.



With one keystroke, a reputation that took years to build can be compromised overnight. For this reason IHPR searched far and wide to create one of the most clandestine, aggressive and digitally invisible cyber-security teams in the industry. Our team of experts address digital removal, SEO suppression as well as positive content counter-measures to combat a formally invincible foe.



Alex and her team have always thought outside the box when it comes to building a media campaign & creating strategy. I can personally vouch for their efficiency and expertise. We worked together on Slumdog Millionaire, Fox '24' and Mission Impossible: Ghost-Protocol and the PR coordination between studio and In House PR was seamless.


Anil Kapoor Films Co. Pvt. LTD.

Alex and I have booked many a show and guest together over the years at Oprah. In House PR's professionalism made my job easy, and I could always count on her team to make deadline or television appearance.

T. Williams

Former producer of Oprah

We've worked with Alex / In House PR for over a decade. They manage to tie-us-in with national breaking news, which keeps our media placements fresh, timely and multi-dimensional.

Amber Kelleher

CEO Kelleher International